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"We see lots of value in our YouTube strategy, so we have put a lot of time into perfecting it internally. We have tested pretty much every influencer platform and agency out there, and for some reason, every time, we just can't get the same results that Grapevine delivers. - Grapevine is now our go-to, hands down." - Bryn Newman, LeTote

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Audience Targeting

Our platform identifies the advocates who reach your target audience.

Choose your Advocates

Choose from advocates who know your brand and your campaign goals.

Powerful Analytics

Our brand dashboard is your command center for learning about your viewers

100% Hassle Free

We handle all the details for you so you can focus on running your business.

Expansive Reach

Start small or go gangbusters. We reach 100 million+ viewers per month.

Industry Expert Help

We will help you create a grandslam campaign for your brand at no additional cost.


Creative Freedom

We value your creative freedom and work with you to create amazing content.

Top Brands & Products

Get unique opportunities to work with the best brands not available anywhere else.

Fast and Reliable Payments

Guaranteed payment every Friday through PayPal.

Browse Opportunities

Easily browse and filter through opportunities to find what is right for you.

Build a Reputation

Make great videos and get even more opportunities. The way life should be :)

We're advocates Too!

We are YouTube advocates and we understand the campaigns from your perspective.

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