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How does Grapevine work?

Work directly with prominent YouTube creators to drive sales and signups for your business. Grapevine's easy to use dashboard allows brands and agencies to submit a creative brief to our marketplace and receive unique pitches from creators who will promote your product or service in exchange for a fee. Everything is managed right through our platform to make your influencer marketing programs simple, scalable, and transparent.

1. Submit a creative brief

Submit your creative brief to our marketplace and start receiving unique pitches from creators.

2. Communicate directly with creators

Work with interested creators to agree on price, upload date, and expectations.

3. Approve content and watch it go live

Creators submit their content for review. Once approved you'll be able to see detailed analytics, including sales!

Creative Brief Designer

Use our creative brief tool to submit talking points, product images, and requirements for working with your brand.

Review and approve talent

Choose the talent that best fits with your brand and campaign goals. Chat directly with creators in real time to collaborate and agree on price and upload date.

Track sales and signups from your campaigns

With Grapevine, social is measurable. Track how many sales or signups your campaign generated using our custom tracking technology.

Predictable Growth

Our view count predictions and past campaign reviews help brands confidently book talent and anticipate campaign results.

Our Products

Grapevine Core

Design and execute influencer marketing campaigns with our network of over 120,000 influencers, from planning to billing and analytics. You can do it all yourself, or leverage our team of industry experts to guide you.

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Grapevine Scout

Grapevine Scout enables agencies and marketers to easily find influencers, quantify social reach on hundreds of topics, and build powerful cohorts of influencers to work with at scale. Early access is now available!

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A turnkey affiliate shopping platform designed for YouTube creators to easily monetize their content by delivering a relevant and enjoyable shopping experience to their fans.

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