The Grapevine Team

Grapevine comprises passionate marketers, creators, entrepreneurs, and engineers. We're a highly collaborative group that enables creators and brands to collaborate and produce great content.

We're always in search of passionate and driven individuals to join us in our Boston headquarters!

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  • Grant Deken

    Grant Deken

    Co-Founder & CEO

  • Kimberley Bond

    Kimberley Bond

    Co-Founder & Director of Operations

  • Alex Riina

    Alex Riina

    Director of Engineering

  • Jed Breed

    Jed Breed

    Director of Growth

  • Jibran Malek

    Jibran Malek

    Senior Marketing Manager

  • Jennifer Monaco

    Jennifer Monaco

    Senior Account Manager

  • Laura Picard

    Laura Picard

    Community Manager

  • Matteo Alampi

    Matteo Alampi

    Business Development Associate

  • Matteo Alampi

    Daniel Shields

    Business Development Associate