FAQ for Influencers

How do I change my minimum price?

You can change your minimum price under your account settings. If you ever want to change a price with in individual brand, you can do that before you are booked in the message center.

How do I edit proposal details?

On the right hand side of your screen, you see collaboration details and a green "Edit proposal details" button. When you click that button you will get a pop up where you can alter any and all details for the collaboration for the brand to then approve.

How do I update my subscriber or follower count on my profile?

You can hit the ‘Refresh Credentials’ button by your social properties in your account under ‘My Channels’

How long does it take for a brand to review the video once it's submitted?

Brands have up to 7 days after which it'll be automatically approved unless the brand requests a revision.

How long do posts/ videos need to stay live?

They should stay live for a minimum of 6 months.

Is it possible to change my upload date of my video on the proposal?

You can ask the brand to confirm the change and update it on the platform.

I'm trying to apply for campaigns but I keep being told to verify my email. How do I solve this problem?

You will need to verify your email before you can apply. You should receive an email after clicking the 'Verify email button' and all you need to do is follow the instructions to verify.

How do you know what rate to ask brands for?

The rate is up to you and what you think you deserve for the deliverables, as well as factoring in the size of your audience. Once you set a price, the brand can negotiate if they want to work with you.

How do I connect my Instagram OR YouTube account after I have made an account on Grapevine with my other account?

Grapevine allows creators to connect one account from each platform to a profile. So you can sign up with a YouTube channel and connect and Instagram profile or sign up with an Instagram profile and connect a YouTube channel. Just hit connect next to the type of channel on the "My Channels" page in your settings.

I am trying to verify my email address but for some reason it is not working.

Verifying your email should send an email to the address attached to your account. Doing this you will see the email open and simply click 'verify email address' and it will bring you back to the platform.

Can multiple companies sponsor one video?

Grapevine's standard is that the brand is mentioned first, so you would need to get permission from the brand(s) that would be featured second. In short, you will have to talk directly to the brands about this!

I want to design a better cover for my profile. What are the cover dimensions?

1000px - 1200px wide by 325px tall at 72dpi. The cover will automatically resize to try to find a best fit. JPG or PNG is best format. Also, keep in mind that we will automatically add a dark tint so your profile information is visible. The tint is black at 60% opacity.

Is there any other way of payment - my PayPal is not working.

You can set yourself to 'pay by check' but please note that it will cause a 60-day delay in payment.

Why is the platform not accepting my video submission

Be sure you are using your original Youtube URL to submit your video to the platform. If it is a Bit.ly of your video link, the platform will not accept it. The platform will require you to include your FTC Disclaimer, stated that your video is either "paid for" or "sponsored by" the brand you are working with. The last thing to check for is your tracking Bit.ly link that is required in the description box of your video, above the fold.

Why have I not been paid?

If payment was not received when you expected it to be, this may be because the brand did not formally approve your deliverables on the platform. Please double check that this and remember that payment will be released within 2 weeks of the brand approving.

I would like tips on how to #GetSponsored

We would love to help you grow your channel. Check our blog for great tips on not just how to get sponsored, but how to grow a successful channel. http://blog.grapevinelogic.com/

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