Influencer Strategy & Managed Services

Founded in 2012, we’ve spent the last six years running influencer programs for hundreds of award winning brands. Unlike other influencer agencies, we are the only one with more than 150,000 fully authenticated content creators across YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and others. Our agency team is trusted by the largest brands in the world to design and execute their programs, and we’d love to work with you as a partner.

Our Capabilities

Influencer Strategy

We’ll work with you to design a strategy tailored to your marketing objectives. Leveraging our data, our strategists will build out a comprehensive blueprint taking into consideration more than 50 unique considerations unique to your brand, from who to work with down to how you can amplify your top content.

Program Management

Our dedicated agency team is comprised of influencer strategists and talent management specialists who spend each day focused on executing the strategies we build for our clients. From your proprietary creator catalog to a master content calendar, we are focused on every single detail of your program.

Streamlined process

Our unique process design is tailored to make content delivery and approval a breeze, no matter how many stakeholders are in the mix. By combining software and expertise, our strategists know how to efficiently work with large organizations that have spent decades building and protecting their brand.

Insights & Brand Safety

With over 150,000 vetted creators, Grapevine is the world’s largest brand safe network. Our periodic content audits and “Grapevine Preferred” content indexes put us in a category of our own. Additionally, we will continually identify high potential in-network talent for your brand using our data. We take this further by measuring content performance and disclosure monitoring.

Programmatic media

Scale your engagement and authenticity with programmatic video leveraging our vast network of brand safe authenticated channels. Our strategists will position your top performing branded content to run in front your target audiences, giving you control of how fast and far you scale your reach.

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