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Consumers are more likely to make a decision based on recommendations from those they trust. Today’s best marketer’s use Grapevine to: 1) Collaborate with trusted influencers on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram 2) Iterate and build powerful messages in real time 3) Expand their audience reach beyond established horizons

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Step 1

Dive into our authenticated, human vetted, brand-safe network of creators on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook

power your influencer marketing campaigns with top creators across YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and more

Brand Safe and FTC Compliant

Grapevine creators are vetted by our experts and reviewed by top brands to ensure campaign quality.

Advanced Keyword search

Find influencers with search tools that let you filter creators based on keywords specific to your campaign.

Step 2

Build relationships with creators to maximize campaign effectiveness

communicate with all of your influencers all on one easy to use influencer marketing platform

Communicate and scale

Discuss campaign details or proposal changes with multiple influencers in our real-time message center to move your campaigns forward.

Secure payments

Make direct offers, negotiate fees, and securely manage your payments.

Step 3

Direct your campaigns with workflow tools that keep you notified without missing a beat

Use industry leading influencer marketing management tools to optimize your influencer workflows

Stay organized

Hold stakeholders accountable with scheduling tools that ensure your campaigns stay on track.

Review progress and proposals

Get real time updates on the effectiveness of content produced by your campaign’s influencers.

Step 4

Iterate and build your message in real time

Share content

Programmatically publish content across platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

Expand and iterate

Analyze influencer performance in real time to adjust spend and messaging.

Track and build compelling influencer marketing campaigns in real time with an easy to use dashboard
Step 5

Track and report results to ensure success

From conversions to clicks, track all the results of your influencer programs with the Grapevine influencer marketing platform

Deep insights

Grapevine’s platform provides clicks, views, conversions, and more to measure content performance.

Data export

Build custom reports by exporting your data across all your campaigns more in-depth analysis.

Everything you need is right here

Discover top creators for your influencer marketing campaigns faster with our search tools

Find your influencers

Grapevine’s industry-leading influencer search enables you to discover top influencers faster.

Collaborate with over 140k top influencers across all social media platforms

Expand your audience

Collaborate with over 140,000 top influencers that generate over 6 billion views a month.

From creations to tracking deliverables, manage it all on one influencer marketing platform

Manage your campaigns

Execute your entire campaign from creation and deliverable tracking to payments and analytics.

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  • 7,500 creator-brand affiliations
  • 6,000 videos produced
  • 226M views generated for branded campaigns

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